YouTube is testing a new feature called “Stable Volume”.

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Stable Volume Feature on Youtube | DigitalTechRadar

YouTube is testing a new feature called “Stable Volume” that aims to make the volume levels of videos more consistent for viewers. This feature was discovered by a Reddit user who stumbled upon a hidden setting with that name. After the news spread, YouTube confirmed that they are indeed experimenting with this feature and it is being tested by users worldwide.

As the name suggests, “Stable Volume” intends to address the issue of videos having varying volume levels. It is not uncommon to come across videos where the audio suddenly becomes louder or quieter, which can be quite annoying. Other media platforms have already implemented similar sound leveling features. For instance, smart TVs, sound systems, and media players like Roku have options such as Automatic Volume Leveling, which helps to balance out the audio and reduce the impact of loud commercials.

YouTube has not made an official announcement about the launch of the Stable Volume feature. However, some users have reported seeing it appear in their YouTube app. One of them is M. Brandon Lee, a popular YouTube creator from the channel “This Is Tech Today.” Lee speculated that Stable Volume could be a normalizer and compressor that evens out the volume not only between videos but also within a single video.

YouTube later confirmed Lee’s speculation and clarified that Stable Volume is still in the testing phase. A YouTube spokesperson stated that they are currently experimenting with a new listening control feature that aims to provide users with a more consistent sound experience while watching videos. This experiment is being conducted globally and is available on mobile devices.

You can find “Stable Volume” in the Youtube app settings if you have access. It is important to note that this feature is still being tested, so it may not be available to all users at this time.